New Fire Truck in Guymon

It's been a decade in the making, and now the Guymon Fire Department is reaching new heights.

Fire Chief Dean McFadden says, "about 6-8 months ago, actually probably more like ten years ago, we started and identified the need for a ladder truck in Gymon due to the high structures in the city limits, plus all of our major commercial areas. "

Guymon's newest ladder truck will help the firefighters be able to battle the blaze at new levels.

The 2011 E-195 platform truck came fully loaded, with all the needed equipment.

McFadden says, "this truck is actually a platform truck, so it's good for rescue.  We can go to the university, to the dorm room and all of those places to assist them if we need to as well."

Intern Firefighter Zachary Gregory says, "we have lots of fun, but when it comes down to the moments where we need to get stuff done, we really work hard."

Mcafadden says they actually got the truck a couple of months ago, nd he's expecting it to be fully in service in a couple of weeks.

The fire chief says the new ride will improve their committment to safety to not only the citizens of Guymon, but Texas County as well.

He tells us, "the cool thing about the logo behind me, it says proud to belong.  That's the last three words of our mission statement. A department for which we are proud to belong.  

We're just very proud to have the apparatus in our fleet and hope to better serve everyone."

The ladder truck is the first in the Oklahoma Panhandle. 

But with the new truck, comes a lot of practice.

Officials say they will have to do a lot of training, but practice must make perfect when lives are on the line.

Mcfadden says before they couldn't get a ladder truck because there wasn't enough room in their fire station.

But now with the new $4.5 million dollar building, there's plenty of space for the new truck, with room to spare.

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