New Dairy Plant in Canyon

A new dairy plant in Canyon will bring more jobs and have a positive impact on the local economy.

Officials with the plant tell us, it will even bring more water to the city.

The dairy plant will be one of the first plants like this in our area, and definitely the first one in Canyon.

Chief Financial Officer Travis Campsey says, "the addition of a processing plant there at Canyon will give us a local home for the milk in that area, which then will be converted into products that will have a shelf life and will have marketability worldwide."

He tells us Lone Star Milk is a farmer owned cooperative.

He says they deliver high quality milk that goes into a lot of food and other products.

"We're going to take raw milk that comes in from the farm, and convert that into cream and or butter and powdered milk. Those will be the main things," says Campsey.

Executive Director of Canyon Economic Development Evelyn Ecker tells us not only will it be an addition to their tax base, but it will also bring at least 60 jobs to Canyon.

She tells us, "the plant is going to be located out on highway 60 west.  And it's going to be right north of the brown road soccer field.  There is approximately 15 acres there that is undeveloped and the city of canyon is currently in negoitations for that ."

Because milk is about 87% water, Ecker says about 90,000 gallons per day of clean water will be available to the city of canyon to irrigate nearby soccer fields baseball fields, and other city or county property.

Campsey says,"we hope to have a good, long relationship with those folks and be an asset to the community over time."

He tells us they expect to break ground later this year, and they plan to start processing milk by Christmas of 2015.

Lone Star was founded in 1997 by three Texas dairy farmers.

It's based here in Texas and according to a survey by Hoard's Dairyman, it has grown to be the 12th largest dairy co-op in the US.

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