New Cell Phone Call Back Scam

AMARILLO -- The Better Business Bureau is warning folks about a scam that involves calls to your cell phone.

When you miss a call, phoning that person back immediately is what we normally do, however, that impulse could cost you, where you get twenty dollars charged to your phone bill,  and then nine dollars a minute after.

This con aimed at teens, as Janna Kiehl of the BBB tells us.

"In this case, we're looking a lot at a younger generation of people who don't really deal a lot with voice mail, so they'll see a missed call and they'll say, 'Oh someone called me, I'm going to call back and find out who it is,' and that's when they catch you," said Kiehl.

It's called phone cramming and the calls will usually come from outside the U.S. You may not realize you've been scammed until that month's phone statement comes in.

Kiehl told us, "it's really important to look at your phone bill every month and to know what all those charges are and to make sure that you made those charges. If you're suspicious that you could've been a victim of this type of scam, I would call the phone company or your carrier right away and tell them that you think you're a victim of phone cramming."

Of course the best way to prevent this is to not answer your phone when unknown numbers or out of state area codes are calling. If it's actually an important call, the person will leave a voice mail.

If you would like more protection, check with your phone provider or carrier to see if they can set a third-party restriction on your calls.

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