New AISD Campuses To Have Certified Storm Shelters


Two new AISD campuses will be equipped with certified storm shelters.

The new Bowie and Travis 6th grade campuses include special designs for the gyms that allows them to serve as storm shelters.

In accordance with FEMA guildlines, the storm shelters will be able to withstand winds of up to 250 miles per hour, which is comparable to an EF5 tornado.

As for other AISD schools, Holly Shelton, with AISD communications says it would cost around $50 million to add storm shelters to all the campuses.

But, each school has a safe, central location, weather radios, and a plan for when severe weather hits.

"Our safety manager looks over the building and determines the safest place in a weather event, and that is always going to be probably the center of the school," Shelton said.

Those two new campuses are set to open in 2015. 

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