Neighbors Help Catch Burglary Suspects

CLOVIS -- 26-year-old Andrew Melendez and 21-year-old Christopher Luna were arrested Thursday after a report of a Burglary In Progress was called in by neighbors in a Northeast Clovis neighborhood. 

Christopher Luna and Andrew Melendez were arrested on counts of Aggravated Burglary, Conspiracy, and Larceny. 

Clovis Police found one suspect walking in the backyard towards a residence. The Officer detained the suspect and found a white pickup truck sitting in the alley, as described by the reporting neighbor. 

The Officer was told a second suspect was inside the residence and waited for secondary Officers to help clear the home. The residence was cleared with no other suspects found. 

After the search was complete and Officers were conducting their investigation when a male approached and claimed someone had taken his work vehicle. He described the work vehicle to be the pickup truck parked in the alley. A Clovis Police Officer was speaking with the detained suspect when he said the male approaching was his partner and had been inside the home. 

A gun safe key, knife, watch, and miscellaneous jewelry were found on the suspects.

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