Neighborhood Makeover

All in a days work, 70 volunteers not only made over six houses in San Jacinto, but they also made over some hearts.

"We started at 9 am today and by the time the sun goes down today, all six of them will be complete."

Executive Director of ACTS Community Chad Conner tells us six churches have teamed up to complete the project.

"You get a reward at the end of the day.  You'v e reached out and helped someone in need, and you get more back than you've given."

Many volunteers we talked with say the results stretch far beyond the paint brush.

Conner says, "one of the things we really wanted to do was give people pride of ownership again.  If we can do that then we'll have an affect long term that's a lot bigger than just painting houses."

Conner tells us about a homeowner who litterally had her prayers answered when volunteers knocked on her door this morning.

"She has been saving up for three years in a row for a paint job.  And every single year something has happened that has just kind of ruined it for her," says Conner.

"It made me feel warm inside because i never though somebody would want to do something like that for me, ya know.  I'm happy.  What can I say.  I'm greatful."

In hopes of answering more peoples wishes, ACTS Community has opened a new community center in the San Jacinto area.

Not only do they provide a food pantry, but there is also a job application center, as well as professional clothing.

Conner says their main goal is to help people find good jobs.

It's not only the San Jacinto area Conner and these volunteers are looking to impact.

"We hope to transform this entire neighborhood.  And then we hope to do it in other neighborhoods and transform this city.  That's our goal."

Conner says on average it will cost anywhere from 3 to $4,000 to paint each house.

But with donations from volunteers, as well as some local churches, the houses were painted for about $300 each.

Conner says it only takes ten volunteers, a small donation and a Saturday of hard work to paint a house.

If you're interested in helping out, head over to

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