Natural Gas Stations Come to the Panhandle


Starting this Spring, you can fill up your car with natural gas, right here in Amarillo.

"It means you can leave Los Angeles in your natural gas powered vehicle and now get away all the way across the country filling up with natural gas when you need it," Wayne Hughes, with Panhandle Plains Royalty Owner's Association said. 

Love's Travel Stop is expanding, to offer fast-fill compressed natural gas. The new stations will be located at the travel stop on I-40, slated to be operational this May.

Those in the natural gas industry are excited about the new project.

"You know, we're the number one natural gas producer in the world, here in the Texas Panhandle. And it gives us a market that we didn't, that we have not had before,"

Hughes said, "It will mean that car dealers who normally have not been stocking natural gas vehicles, will have you know, a reason to do that, I think. So there's nice vibrations go out, you know, throughout the fuel industry." 

As for consumers, Love's General Manager of Natural Gas Bill Cashmareck said, this fuel originally caught on with truck drivers. Now more people are wanting to fill up with this fuel alternative,  because it's cheaper,"

"You know where diesel today is averaging about 4 dollars a gallon, we're selling compressed natural gas for two dollars in Texas and a dollar seventy nine in Oklahoma," 

Cashmareck says this movement to compressed natural gas is new, but Love's is jumping on board.

The company has 13 operational sites offering CNG right now. Soon there will be one more on the list, right here in the Panhandle.

As for finding a natural gas powered vehicle, according to Cashmareck, most cars can run on natural gas. You can buy vehicles equipped to take natural gas, or purchase conversion kits for your current vehicle. 

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