US - Iraq

(NBC NEWS) Here in Washington, US leaders agree that Iraq cannot hang together unless Shiite leaders give Sunnis more power.  

Step one was the current Shiite prime minister leaving.  

Well, now he won't, and that's good news for ISIS.

Another sign that Iraq is falling apart, Baghdad today, outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki suddenly saying he will not give up power.

Its possible Iraq's mostly Shiite army might back Maliki, further dividing Iraq.

Up north, Kurdish fighters who took an ISSI flag yesterday lost ground today.

Despite more US airstrikes on the al Qaeda offshoot.

Here US Navy video shows an F-18 pilot takes off to strike ISIS.   

The pentagon says the extremists have been slowed down but can't be stopped by just bombing.

An Iraqi chopper crew went in to get yazidis... An ethnic minority that isis would exterminate.

Most Yazidis are still stuck on the mountain, sunbaked and starving, their relatives in US are stunned.

Yazidis begged for more help at the state department.

And just when Iraqis have to unite to fight ISIS Baghdad is divided which puts a bigger burden on the US.

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