Unrest Continues After Death of Teen

(NBC NEWS) In suburban St. Louis the police shooting of an unarmed teenager is sparking angry protests that erupted into violence Sunday night. 

Jay gray is live just outside of st. Louis with the latest. 

Tensions are high after an unarmed teenager was killed by police over the weekend here.

Angry protesters have filled the streets since the shooting and say they won't leave until they know how -- and why -- it happened.

Ferguson, Missouri continues to be a city on edge.

For the second straight day protesters filled the streets of this suburban St. Louis community demanding answers and action after Michael Brown,an unarmed teenager, was shot and killed during a weekend confrontation with police.

A vigil for the 18-year-old turned violent overnight.

Protesters turning their frustration on downtown businesses, lighting fires, looting and shattering windows; much of it caught on security cameras. 

Today city leaders urged protesters to stay calm and promised justice as the investigation and concern over what comes next continues.

Police have said very little publicly about the deadly confrontation which apparently started inside the officer's vehicle, then spilled out onto the street where brown was shot multiple times.

Brown's memory belongs now to an angry grieving community that can't understand why he's gone.

Michael brown's mother has publicly called for an end to the violence as the investigation moves forward, one that now includes agents with the FBI.

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