Stockton Bank Robbery

(NBC News) Stockton police now say the suspects in Wednesday's bank robbery and deadly hostage drama had ties to one of the city's most notorious gangs.

AK-47 style rifles were used during a violent high speed chase through the streets of Stockton.

It came after three men robbed a bank, took two bank employees and a customer hostage, and put even bystanders in peril.

During the pursuit, police said two of the hostages jumped or were thrown from the SUV after being shot by the robbers.  Both are expected to recover.

The chase ended in a residential neighborhood where an explosive exchange of gunfire with police began.

The third hostage, the bank customer, was shot dead.  Police say she was used by the robbers as a human shield.

The two other suspects were killed there, too and police say that they both were active members of the same gang.

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