Some Say McDonald's Character for Kids' Meals More Scary Than ‘Happy'


Published 05/21 2014 12:16PM

Updated 05/21 2014 12:30PM

'Happy' the Happy Meal Ambassador
'Happy' the Happy Meal Ambassador
DALLAS, TX -- On Friday McDonald’s is scheduled to formally introduce “Happy” – an animated Happy Meal character “that brings fun and excitement to kids’ meals.”

Comments on the “Whatever” Dallas Morning News Blog included words like “creepy.” One commenter said it would scare children into eating better. was not any gentler, describing Happy as a box-shaped creature “with Gumby-like arms, eyes that pop out of the top of his head and a gaping mouth filled with large teeth.”

“Happy will be introduced nationwide May 23, and will encourage kids to enjoy fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy and wholesome beverages such as water or juice,” a news release said. 

McDonald’s is trying to show a commitment to making Happy Meals more nutritious after years of criticism that fast food is not good for children. The new-and-improved Happy Meals include side options such as low-fat yogurt and apple slices. 

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