Shinseki Resigns Over Scandal

(NBC) The retired 4-star General wanted to stay and fight and fix the V.A., but Eric Shinseki figured that would prolong the firestorm and hurt veterans.

He went to the White House to quit.

President Obama praised Shinseki but accepted the resignation

Earlier on his final day, Shinseki publicly apologized to all vets and their families for what's been found in Phoenix.

Delayed care and waits of more than 100 days have been covered up by senior officials.

Shinseki fired top V.A. management at Phoenix on Friday and many in congress want the FBI on the case

Republicans say the buck stops with President Obama.

"one personnel change cannot be used as an excuse to paper over a systemic problem. Our veterans deserve better, and we'll hold the president accountable until he makes things right," said House Speaker John Boehner.

Shinseki's deputy, Sloan Gibson, will take over as acting Secretary.

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