Selling the Speech

(NBC News)  President Obama has promised to act without Congress, but lawmakers here say he's overstepping his authority.

In Maryland Wednesday, the President said raising the minimum wage is a win-win for workers and their bosses. 

"If I pay my workers a good wage they can buy my product, I make more cars. Ultimately I'll make more money," Mr. Obama said.

He also signed off on a new treasury bond for retirement that will max out at $15,000.  

Republicans argue the President can't use his pen to make an end-run around Congress. 

"He's got a pen and a telephone - it's true. But we've got the Constitution," said Rep. Tom Rice of South Carolina.  

Today, the President tours an engine plant in Wisconsin, to highlight his effort to create more manufacturing jobs.

Then he's off to Nashville, where nearly 4,000 new jobs in recent months have driven the area's unemployment rate down to 5.7%.

Also today, Republicans discuss their game plan on immigration. 

That's one area where we could see some compromise. It's the big topic at the Republican retreat in Maryland today.

The Administration says legalizing millions of immigrants will shrink the deficit by almost a trillion dollars.

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