Obama Meets "Two Amigos"

(NBC News) President Obama travels south of the border today for a one-day meeting with Mexico's President and Canada's Prime Minister. 

The meeting's happening about 40 miles from Mexico City, in an area where President Enrique Pena Nieto grew up and developed his political career. 
The so-called "three amigos" have a lot to talk about today.

Like when - or if - President Obama will approve the Keystone XL Pipeline - sending oil from Canada to the gulf coast.

"My view is you don't take no for an answer," said Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 

Canada says it'll create thousands of jobs. Republicans want it. 

But President Obama has delayed a decision citing environmental concerns.

With Mexico, immigration, border security, drug trafficking and Mexico's economy are likely topics today. 

Mexico is making it easier for American oil companies like chevron and mobile to drill there. 

Plus, the country's shipping four times as many cars there than it did two decades ago. 

There's a huge Chrysler plant near today's meeting in Toluca. Nestle - the chocolate company - also has a large plant there.

20 years after a free trade agreement between the three countries, trade is increasing but there's room for improvement.

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