NASA: Time for a Space Split?

(WESH)  NASA wants the U.S. government to stop working with Russia for space launches.  

The Russian Soyuz is the only way for U.S. astronauts to get into space, and with tension between the two countries at their highest level in years, NASA's relationship with Russia's space program gets a lot less comfortable. 

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden says the dependence on Russia's rockets should end.

"The choice here is between fully funding the request to bring more space launches back to the U.S. or continuing millions in subsidies to the Russians," Bolden says.

Should the confrontation over Ukraine get even more ugly, Russia could easily put an end to U.S. manned spaceflight. 

NASA is currently putting the largest number of dollars ever into helping private U.S. companies develop new spaceships.

These ships, such as the SpaceX Dragon, could return astronaut launches U.S. soil by 2017.

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