More Women Joining Extremist Groups

There's leaning in. And then there's arming up.

"The idea that women can be taking part in jihad is something that most people don't take as seriously as they should."

Women around the world are now taking part in jihad. In Nigeria, Syria and now in America.The number of women willing to give their lives to terrorist extremists experts say increasing over the last 10 years.

"We've seen western women going to jihad in Syria for about a year and a half now."

Why now?

Experts believe the terror group organizers count on women from Europe, Canada and the get past terrorism intelligence agencies.

"If it's a western woman she has her western passport, she's going to fall under the radar screen. The majority of the women are going to go there to be traditional wives."

But that's not always the case. Take American Shannon Conley. The 19-year-old is charged with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists-- she reportedly fell in love with an ISIS fighter online and allegedly was on her way to join him in Syria before officials picked her up in April.

"She was interviewed no fewer than 9 times before her arrest by the FBI because she was scoping out a local church."

Her attorney had no comment.  Many of these women are radicalized at home seduced on the internet.

"How are they appealing to these western women?"

"You don't have to convince that many. If somebody spammed millions of people, you only need a certain number that are going to respond to that."

The scariest of prospects are the lone wolves -- people acting on their own-- like Roshonara Choudhry in England. The Kings College student dropped out of school just before graduation and tried to assassinate a member of the British Parliament for supporting the Iraq war.

"She was not radical and she did not talk about jihad, she just secretly by herself downloaded 100 sermons."

Women -- some fairly well known -- are also using Twitter to recruit new members from the west.

"Like Um Layth. She is one of the premiere jihadis, she's British, and she is the one who is calling to women around the world, especially western women to come and join the jihad....they think they are doing something good for their community or their people."

A darker side of the fairer sex now wanted around the world.

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