Microsoft Announces 'Xbox Originals' TV Series


Microsoft is getting into the TV game.

It announces Xbox originals, a slate of original TV series.

The dozen original television series, from documentaries to sci-fi epics, will be available exclusively on xbox gaming consoles and other Microsoft devices.

Leading the charge are Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott, who are involved in two separate series based on the massively popular "Halo" video-game franchise.

Others in the lineup, which will begin rolling out in June, include a sci-fi drama, "Humans," and a documentary series called "Signal to Noise."

Netflix led the charge for creating original content two years ago, and has Emmy awards to show for it.

Then last year, Amazon began producing original content for its prime streaming service.

And on Monday, Yahoo announced it will be bringing its own long-form shows to our multitude of screens next year, starting with a pair of comedies.

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