Libraries Vs Devices

(NBC News)Just when you think all that personal technology has replaced the need for a trip to the local public library comes a report from pew research that silences that theory.

Pew's three year study shows half of all Americans went to a public library in person while another 30-percent used a library's website over the last year. 

Mostly it was for the time-honored tradition of checking out a book.

"Our reading habits - especially when you look at our reading habits around books - are still very much centered around print books," said Kathryn Zickuhr of the Pew Research Center.

The study also says the reason why there are still more public libraries in the u-s than there are McDonalds is because libraries have kept up they've rebranded themselves as technology hubs.

"So when you ask people about the most important services that libraries offer in their communities, they mention books and they mention librarians but in the same breath they also mention the internet and other technological resources." said Zickuhr.

In fact, the study found some of the most frequent internet users were also most likely to be frequent visitors to the library.

And that 59-percent of Americans have an active library card which is slightly more than those who own a smartphone.
By the way, National Library Week is next week, April 13th-19th.

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