Jobs: Spring Thaw?

(NBC News)  The March jobs numbers are out and the picture is mixed.  

It's another solid gain in employment, but lest robust than expected, and most of the new jobs are not high paying.

Allison Luchey and Julia Gaiser are in new jobs they worked hard to find, beer vendors working Washington Nationals games. 

They're earning minimum wage plus tips.  

Across the country, hotels and restaurants added 33,000 positions.  Retailers added 21,000.  

In all, 192,000 new jobs were created in March.

"It was pretty sweeping but it was mostly low wage jobs," notes University of Maryland economist Peter Morici, "In fact the average wage fell in March, which was surprising."

The number of Americans working in the private sector is now back to what it was before the recession.  

The White House is celebrating.

"We've had we have now had 49 straight months of private sector job growth, a total of 8.9 million jobs," points out Jason Furman, Chair of the White House Economic Advisors. 

Still, critics note our population has grown as well, so the unemployment rate is still 6.7 percent, and twice that for young workers.

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