Jobs For Grads

The job market hasn't been very kind to college graduates in recent years; only about half found work in their field of study.  

But that's changing this year, if a nationwide survey of human resource executives holds up.

"It was very positive, two thirds said they planned to hire college grads from this year's class," said John Challenger of outsourcing firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas.

He did the survey and found employers can't put off hiring anymore.    

"They recognize now as the economy's getting better they need to bring in new college grads to fill the leadership and management ranks for the future," said Challenger.

Economists like Mark Vitner at Wells Fargo say grads with degrees in finance, accounting, engineering and especially technology will likely have the edge in landing a job.

"There are a lot of high tech jobs that are in the financial services field, that are in retailing," said Vitner.

He expects that to be the case for years to come.   

And as far as what a new grad can expect to earn, another survey found that most companies plan to offer the same starting pay as last year: mostly between 30 and 50-thousand dollars a year.

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