Historic Church Papers Made Public

(KSL) In 2008, many documents written by LDS Church founder, Joseph Smith, were released in a project being referred to as "The Joseph Smith Papers." 

The volumes include letters, minutes of meetings and other writings of Joseph Smith. The writings will be released in a 10 volume document series. 

The first volume focuses on artifacts from 1828-1831 -- the time period when the Book of Mormon was published and the Church was formally organized. 

"Here we have the earliest document entirely in the handwriting of Joseph Smith," said Assistant Church Historian and Recorder Richard E. Turley Jr. in reference to a letter from Joseph Smith to his brother Hyrum. 

The volume was made from a collection of the writings of Joseph Smith that the LDS Church possesses, along with documents in private and personal collections. 

"The great value of the Joseph Smith papers is that it brings together in one location all of the documents of Joseph Smith that we can get our hands on," Turley said. 

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