GM Recalled Switches

(NBC News) Wednesday was another brutal day for General Motors as additional accusations surfaced that the giant automaker intentionally chose an ignition switch which turned out to be defective and dangerous because it was the cheaper choice.

The ignition switch defect in question has been confirmed by General Motors, and is linked to at least 32 crashes and 13 deaths.

The Center for Auto Safety says that deep inside the documents that General Motors turned over to Congress for the investigation into faulty ignition switches, is proof that the automaker made an unsafe decision to cut costs.

The group claims that they have found evidence the automaker actually designed two switches in 2001, but opted to go with the least expensive one. 

Clarence Ditlow of the Center for Auto Safety said that after the problem first surfaced in 2006, General Motors quietly changed back to the safer and more expensive switch, but failed to tell regulators...or the public.

"by doing that they avoided a recall and many lives would have been saved," said Ditlow 

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