Future Tech on Display

(NBC News) The annual Consumer Electronics Show opens today in Las Vegas, with the greatest gadgets and a glimpse at the latest  in the world of high tech on display.

A lot of what's new and neat this year is centered on your smart phone, pad or tablet.

"Mobile is becoming the heart of technology," says CNET.com's Brian Cooley. 

Your devices can now control light panels, a toy robot or even your own drone with a state-of-the-art HD camera on board.

Soon you'll be able to send a text to your appliances as well.

"You'll text back in forth with your fridge or your washer.  You might tell it you are going to go away for a couple of weeks," Cooley says.  "The appliances will respond to that with a text message back to say, 'Maybe I should go into low energy mode for that time'."

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