Flood Insurance Fix

(NBC News)  Millions of homeowners facing skyrocketing flood insurance premiums could soon be catching a break.

The Senate is preparing for a final vote on a relief bill that removes some unexpected consequences of a 2012 law intended to help the National Flood Insurance Program get out of debt.

The pain has been most dramatic in Florida, home to the most subsidized insurance policies in the country.

The House overwhelmingly passed a relief bill that reverses some of the premium increases and limits how quickly rates can rise in the future.

But conservative groups say the bill leaves rates at levels at that don't match the risk.

They say taxpayers will be on the hook for a flood insurance program already $24 billion in debt after covering damages in part from storms Sandy and Katrina.

"The people who don't live in the flood prone area are the ones who are paying the bill," argues Steve Ellis of Taxpayers for Common Sense.

They argue people living in flood-prone areas should bear the risks.

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