Ferguson: Obama Calls For Calm

(NBC News)  Law enforcement is gearing up in Ferguson, missouri for another potentially tense night in a city that's seen violence and unrest since the police shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.  

National Guard soldiers are now in place in the city.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon ordered the increased security to help quell the escalating violence.  Nixon also lifted a midnight curfew, hoping there will not be a repeat of last night's violence. 

Meanwhile, President Obama announced he is sending Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson on Wednesday, and called for calm.
"I understand the passions and the anger of the death of michael brown that arise over the death of Michael Brown.  Giving into that anger by looting, or caring guns and even attacking the police on serves to raise tension and stir chaos. it undermines rather than advancing justice," Mr. Obama said. 

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