Facebook Unveils Anonymous Login


Published 05/01 2014 07:48AM

Updated 05/01 2014 07:51AM

Facebook on Wednesday unveiled an anonymous login feature that allows users to sign into apps without sharing their identities.

The apps will be forbidden from collecting personal data from people who use the feature.

Facebook has become a kind of universal sign-in mechanism for websites and apps.

It allows people to click one "login with Facebook" button rather than remembering an endless number of usernames and passwords.

But Facebook also shares the personal information of the users with those apps and websites, making some people wary.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained the solution at the company's annual F8 developers conference in san francisco.

The social network rolled out the new feature to a limited set of apps, including Flipboard.

But Facebook said anonymous login will be available more broadly in the coming months.

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