Diplomacy Shift

Diplomacy shifts halfway across the world today from Washington - where Ukraine's Prime Minister made his case Wednesday. In Kiev, eight U.S. lawmakers are hoping to strengthen ties with the country's new leaders. 

Five Republicans and three Democrats head to Kiev today to meet with Ukraine's new government. 

Back home, lawmakers can't agree whether to include sanctions for Russia in a billion dollar loan package. "It is more important than ever that we move forward on a sanctions package to show Russia that there are going to be real consequences," said Senator Chris Murphy, (D) Connecticut.

"...loan money that will find its way quickly into Russia's hands," said Senator Rand Paul, (R) Kentucky.

Ukraine's prime minister is in Washington making the rounds on Capitol Hill... 

He sat down with President Obama to discuss Ukraine's future. "They cannot have a country outside of Ukraine dictate to them how they should arrange their affairs," said the President.

Sunday's election will decide if that southern region known as Crimea wants to break off and join Russia. 

The Prime Minister says they're willing to negotiate, but first, Russian troops must go. "We are ready to negotiate, but it's difficult to have any kind of talks, having the barrel knocked at your head," said Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. 

Russian troops still patrol Crimea. The region's pro-Russian government has taken over natural gas fields... 

The rail system, they say, is next. 

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