Can We Really Secure The Border?

If you've been following this immigration crisis story, you've probably heard many people use the expression "we need to secure our border."

"We've gotta secure our border. We need to get serious about stopping illegal immigration."

But what does that mean, how do you define that?

Over the years I've reported on many people who have worked in securing that southern border and they will tell you that the idea of completely sealing off the border, the idea that no one could ever make their way through is far-fetched.

Take for example, the southern border of the United States runs about 2,000 miles from Brownsville, Texas to San Diego, California.

Much of is it remote and rugged and in many places it's simply a line in the sand.

And here's another way to look at it, if you were to take one Border Patrol Agent and stagger then every ten feet, from Brownsville to San Diego, you would need 1.1 million Border Patrol Agent to completely work along the southern border.

And if you had them working two 12-hour shifts, you would need 2.2 million Border Patrol Agents.

Right now, the United States only has 21,000 border patrol agents and that's the most this country has ever had. So this idea is crazy, far-fetched, that will never happen.

When you look at these numbers and read these reports, you're really kind of left thinking, do we really know how to define how to secure the border? Do these numbers paint the best picture possible?

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