Barra on the Hot Seat

- (NBC News) General Motors C.E.O. Mary Barra was back in the hot seat on Capitol Hill Wednesday to answer questions over her company's recalls of millions of vehicles, some linked to defects blamed in numerous fatal crashes.

As Barra was testifying families of the victims and survivors of the crashes shared their heartache. 

Robbie Buzard's son Trenton is paralyzed.

"My son has to live the rest of his life the way he is," he explained.

Candice Anderson was driving during the crash that killed her boyfriend.

"I was convicted of a felony when GM was the true criminal," she said.

It took GM engineers more than a decade to catch the problems.

"I can't speculate on why they didn't know," Barra said when asked about the delay, "but I can tell you now anytime a vehicle stalls we consider it to be a safety issue."

This house hearing follows an internal investigation that found negligence and incompetence.

GM fired 15 employees as a result, but lawmakers aren't satisfied.

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