12-Year-Old Girls Stabbing Arrest - "Slender Man"


A 12-year-old wisconsin girl is lucky to be alive, after being stabbed 19 times. One just millimeters from a major artery.

But what's really shocking is who did it.

Police say the suspects are two other 12-year-old girls, who police say were fixated on a horror website, and its fictional killer.

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, are accused of attempted murder of their 12-year-old friend when police say they lured her into the woods and stabbed her 19 times, leaving her for dead.

the victim was able to get over to this area here the bicyclist found her nearly dead.

She was within a millimeter of her life. Was within a millimeter of one of the stab wounds striking a major artery to her heart along with the other 18 stab wounds that she had.

Police say Geyser and Weier plotted for months the best way to kill their friend. According to authorities they first plotted to duct tape her mouth and stab her in the neck. And then changed their plans and lure her into the woods while playing a game of hide and seek.

The motive, say police: to win the favor of a fictional internet horror character called "slenderman" the girls found on the horror fantasy website, creepypasta.wikia.com

Slenderman was a fictional character that was created as part of a joke back in 2009. Most of the representations Slenderman is this thin tall faceless character. Now the creepy part about the character is in most stories, he kills children.

The Creepypasta website is one venue for this Slenderman character. 

The two girls have been charged as adults, with attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

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