"My 2-Year-Old Needs Medical Marijuana"

- (WFLA) A Tampa, Florida mother is seeking a very unconventional treatment for her daughter.

Moriah Barnhart says her two year old daughter Dahlia was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor on May 5th of this year.

Barnhart says she took her daughter to five hospitals and was told she had stage two brain cancer.

Barnhart says she eventually took her daughter to St. Jude Hospital in Tennessee where she learned the cancer is much more aggressive than originally thought.

Barnhart says, " From that moment that they came back and said she had a mass in her brain, from the day forward, your entire life, everything your life meant, all of your goals and aspirations, your education, your income, all of that becomes completely meaningless."

Now she wants doctors to use a chemical derived from marijuana to treat her daughter.

Barnhart says, "If you had asked me on May the 4th what I thought about giving a child marijuana, I would have been horrified."

Right now doctors are using chemotherapy and radiation to treat the cancer.

Barnhart says she's not complaining about the treatment her daughter is getting from the doctors at St. Jude Hospital.

Barnhart says, "Conventional medicine and doctors have saved my daughter's life several times since May."

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