Murder Suspect Commits Suicide

- AMARILLO -- A man wanted for a cold case murder in Amarillo allegedly commits suicide.

    It happened last week in Mexico.

    Mexican police say Oscar Gomez Erives, 53, hanged himself with his own clothes in his jail cell.

    He had been on the run nearly 19 years before his arrest.

    Erives was wanted for the 1995 murder of this then ex-girlfriend, Betty Trevino, 17.

    According to investigators, Trevino had told her mother a week before her death she feared for her life because of Erives.

    Trevino was shot and killed during an argument with Erives at her mother's house on the 600 block of N. Pierce in September of 1995.
    Erives and his 14-year old son along with another man had gone to the home to talk her into going to Mexico with them but, she refused.  That's when she was killed.

    47th District Attorney Randall Sims says he informed Trevino's family about Erives' death Monday.

    "They would like to have seen him again face to face and see him meet justice.   But, I did tell her there  is some good knowing he appealed it to the highest authority."  Sims said.

    Sims says they were close to catching Erives over the last couple of years.  He was finally apprehended last Tuesday on drug charges.  But, he was found dead in his cell later that day.

    Erives' 14-year old son was arrested shortly after the murder but was released without charge.

    Another man who was with Erives and his son at the time of the shooting was charged with Trevino's death a year after her murder.  But, the case against Victor Manuel Vargas was dismissed in 1997.

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