Murder in Amarillo

Just before 1:00 a.m. on Frebruary 15, police were called to the 4500 block of Maverick because a woman was bleeding.

A neighbor says, "I came outside and all the cops were coming in.  There was a fire truck and an ambulance."

Lt. Erick Bohannon says, "they found a female victim who had what we believe are lacerations on her body. We also had a male victim who was deseased."

He tells us the man they found,  30 year old Nathaniel Wayne Miller also had lacerations.

Officers were told the suspect was still at the scene when they were called, but the suspect was gone when they arrived

Bohannon says they later located the suspect at a house near Amarillo Boulevard and McMasters.

"We booked the suspect in jail for the charge of murder and also aggravated assualt with a deadly weapon against a family member," he says.

The suspect is 33 year old Joseph Keith Hayes.

Those who live near the victim say they didn't know much about him.

"They kind of kept to themselves a little bit, ya know.  I didn't want to push them to talk to me."

Lt. Bohannon says the investigation is on going.

The female victim was first transported to an Amarillo hospital for her injuries.

She is now at a medical facility in Lubbock.

 If you have any information call 378-9468.

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