Murder Charges Dropped in Cold Case

- AMARILLO -- Murder charges are dropped against a former husband and wife.

    Horace Green, 79 and Rosie Ann Green, 65 were indicted two years ago for the 1987 murder of Arthur Campbell, 23.

    Those charges were dropped yesterday.

    The Potter county District Attorney had three witnesses in the case but, none of them are willing or can't testify at trial, so, the judge cut them loose.

    The Greens were were originally suspected of the shooting death of Campbell at his rent home on the 2300 block of NW 14th.

     It turns out, Rosie green and one of her sons were the beneficiaries of Campbell's life insurance policy.

    One of the witnesses, Albert Charles Green, the Greens' son, is currently doing life in prison and won't talk.  Another witness has a hard time remembering that far back and the third witness is a transient and can't be located.

    "Those cases have gotten to the top of the docket and because we now have the three witnesses we needed unavailable to us to be able to proceed, we have dismissed the Horace and Rosie Green murder charges."  Said 47th District Attorney Randall Sims.

    Sims says the case remains open and if they can locate the witnesses, charges could be filed again.

    During an interview with Horace Green two years ago at his home after the indictments were handed down, he wouldn't do an on-camera interview but, denied any involvement in Campbell's death.

    Albert Charles Green was the primary beneficiary of Campbell's $40,000 life insurance policy.

    He sued the insurance company for payment.  But, the suit was dropped when they settled out of court.

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