Moving On


AMARILLO -- It is time to move on. That is the general reaction to yesterday's grand jury decision regarding Amarillo’s Animal Control.

The Randall County District Attorney says he presented numerous pieces of evidence showing clear violations of the law at animal control but the grand jury decided against any charges.

The city says they will conduct an internal management review. However, this case appears to be over.

Outside groups and individuals are moving forward for the most part.

Nevertheless, the reaction immediately after the grand jury's decision was swift and at times downright ugly. Especially on the internet where there were accusations of under handedness, dirty tricks and back room deals.

The comments from our viewers numbered in the hundreds. However, a day later those sentiments seemed to have settled down.

One of animal control's top critics during this controversy has been the Humane Society. Today, they say they are happy with the grand jury's decision and look forward to working with the shelter.

Animal rights activist Shea White says it would have been nice to have someone pay for breaking the law but she still calls it a victory everyone involved.

The DA says the changes the city has instituted since the scandal broke may have had a bearing on why the grand jury decided against any charges.

The city had very little comment on the grand jury's decision; saying only that they appreciate everyone's patience during the investigation into alleged improper euthanasia practices.

They will also do an internal review to make sure no "non-criminal" violations are occurring at the shelter.

Former Director Mike McGee and former Assistant Director Shannon Barlow both retired during the investigation.

Both were cleared of any criminal charges with the grand jury's decision.

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