Most Evacuees Will Wait Another Night to Go Home

- FRITCH  --       For two days now, displaced residents have essentially been told to wait while firefighters, police and utility workers do their jobs.

    "Yes, you are getting in," said James Qualls with the Hutchinson County Sheriff's Department. "Here's our plan for tomorrow; 10 o'clock we're going to have one way in and one way out."

    The City Hall Annex was overflowing, on Tuesday night as residents waited to hear any kind of news.

    Resident Wayne Morris, who lost his home in the fire told us, "I was just a little bit confused on how we go in tomorrow... But I think i got it now."

Cherie Stergill has already heard bad news.
    "I've already been told my place is gone. Totally gone."
    And what will that resident do when she's allowed in, tomorrow?
        "Go through the rubble I guess, and cry a lot. I don't know what we're going to do. I really don't."

    With the fire about 85% contained officials are being very cautious on who they will allow into the affected areas.

    "This is a disaster. You have lost a lot of stuff. You need to have personal time with your property without anybody else there," Morris said, "But we want to keep it private to where it's just you guys doing it instead of Joe Blow coming in and just looky-loo and see what the problem is. That's the people we're going to keep out."

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