Mosquitoes Multiply on High Plains

- Mosquitoes are making their mark on the High Plains.

"The mosquito population, as you can tell is very heavy at this particular time. And the reason why is because all of the rain that we've had," Dr. Ed Bynum, an entomologist with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension said.

The wet, humid weather provides a breeding ground for these pests. Bynum says female mosquitoes can lay up to 100 eggs. According to Bynum, the Environmental Health Department in Amarillo has identified eight species of mosquito in our area this spring.

"That kind of impacts about when they're going to be active. Some of them are active during the day time. Some are more active at dawn and dusk. And some of them are active all during the nighttime too. So we have some overlap," Bynum said. 

That overlap means you need to be mindful all hours of the day, and Bynum says, mosquitoes aren't something to take lightly.

"They are vectors of diseases. One of the most prevalent diseases that we've had recently is the West Nile Virus. And so that's something we all need to be concerned with," Bynum said. 

Bynum says 80 percent of people with West Nile won't develop symptoms, but if you do, it can land you in the hospital.

He recommends protecting your pets from pests too.

To see the latest on West Nile cases in Texas, click here.

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