Netflix Subscribers Targeted With New Phishing Scam

- Here's What Happens:
- You're led to a phony webpage that may resemble the Netflix login page.
- Asked to enter account information
- The fake website will claim you're account has been suspended.
- A fake customer service number is provided and a representative recommends the user download the Netflix support software, which is remote login software that gives the fake representative full access to your computer.

How to tell an email involved in this scam is not from Netflix:
- The representative wants to login to your computer via remote software.
- The webpage is a popup.
- The phone number is not one listed as being from Netflix. Instead, the number belongs to a call center in India.

BBB tips to protect yourself from this type of scam:
- Never let someone login to your computer remotely. When someone logs in, they can do anything you can do on your computer; including accessing personal and financial information.
- Do not click links in emails. Type the address in the search bar manually.
- If the URL seems odd, do not continue to go to the site. If it is a scam, it will most likely have an unusual URL. It might contain a familiar name but will be accompanied by jumbled letters or numbers. If you are sent the link in an email, hover over the link before clicking on it - this will tell you the path of that link. If it's not - don't click it.
- Always look up the company's phone number on their website. If you need to call a company, look it up on their official website to make sure you are calling a legitimate number.

Call the BBB to report this or any scam. BBB can drive consumers to trustworthy businesses. Call or check online. 806-379-6222

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