Americans Love Getting Mail

If you love getting that random card or love letter in the mail just as much as you like sending them, you're not alone!

A new report from the U.S. Postal service office inspector general shows Americans love getting their mail daily. But they can't say what they'd miss if the service disappeared.

The Inspector General's office posed questions to 101 people in 10 focus groups nationwide.

In the report, Americans said they wanted the post office to stay the way it is.

Only two people said they wouldn't be "negatively affected" if the postal service closed in five years.

According to the report, once people in the survey understood that the agency is not taxpayer-funded they "lowered their service level expectations."

Those in the focus groups gave a thumbs up to the post office offering more products and services, like hunting and fishing licenses, or paying traffic tickets.

But interestingly enough, none of them imagined themselves going to the post office to use any of those services.

Currently,the agency is in a financial bind.

In the most recent financial quarter, the postal service posted an operating profit of $765 million.

But even a handsome profit isn't enough to pull the agency out from under the $5-billion payment owed to the retiree fund.

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