More Changes for Southwest Airlines at Amarillo Airport

There could soon be some turbulence between Southwest Airlines and Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport.

We've told you about the airline planning to remove two flights in Amarillo, but there are some more changes in store. 

Southwest Airlines says it's losing money, and that's forcing them to cut flights into Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport.

But when the Wright Amendment expires, nonstop flights within Texas and several neighboring states won't be limited anymore.

That could mean even fewer stops in Amarillo.

Mayor Paul Harpole says there could actually be some positives to it.

He says, "they've added 15 direct flights and if they can get the last two gates at the Love Field, they feel they can add at least another 12.   So that's 27 flights that once you get to dallas, will be direct flights other places that weren't available before."

Southwest Airlines says even though there will be fewer flights, the same number of passengers will be flying in and out of our airport.

Harpole tells us, "they said they'll maintain service here that is equivalent to other places, and maybe even better than other places in Texas.  So if we're equivalent with Lubbock, Austin, Midland/Odessa, I don't think it will affect it that much."

He says  Southwest has been upfront with their decision, and he says he agrees with it because that's what he has to do to keep the airline under our wings.

"They said to us, as your city grows, we won't ignore you.  And we'll certainly take care of you in the end term.  We're gonna do ok, we'll do fine."

We talked with Southwest officials and they say Amarillo is a strong city that they are proud to partner with.

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