Mom of Little Girl Run Over, Killed in Lubbock Speaks Out

SNYDER -- Sandy Leyva, the mother of Mikayla Leyva, 2, spoke publicly on Monday concerning the death of her daughter Saturday afternoon in Lubbock.  

A police report said Mikayla was “crossing” the street at 2300 Avenue J when she was run over by a Nissan Armada.  Police identified the driver as a 14-year-old girl who had two 8-year-old boys in the vehicle.

Sandy Leyva said little Mikayla and other family members were standing on the edge of the street - getting ready to cross.  A flea market is nearby and Leyva said it was a busy intersection with a lot of pedestrians standing at the corner.  

Leyva said the SUV came around the corner and even before it struck Mikayla pedestrians were yelling “stop.”  

“She kept going,” Leyva said.  “She ran over her twice.  I mean, I lost my baby.”

Leyva said the family of the 14-year-old did not reach out to her – not to apologize and not for any other reason.  She said the teenage driver’s family tried to make it look like someone else was driving.  

"They were trying to switch drivers but we knew who she was because we had seen her," Leyva said. "There were a lot of people around and they knew it was the 14 year old driving. Her mom was trying to take the blame."

Police released a portion of the 911 call on Monday, and said it would be “several days” before a decision is made on filing charges.  The family is from Snyder, not Lubbock. The family was passing through Lubbock and decided to stop.

Mikayla's family said funeral donations can be made at Citybank in Lubbock under the name Debbie Carrizales-Urrutia.

Efforts have been made by reporters for to contact the family of the 14-year-old, but those efforts have not yet been successful. 

*Note: the official documentation provided by police spelled the little girl’s name as “Mikaly.”  Sandy Leyva said the proper spelling is Mikayla. 

Clarification: The initial version of this story said the Leyva family was not crossing the street.  They had not crossed, but they were getting ready to cross.  

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