It was all fun and games for some people in Amarillo.

The Don Harrington Discovery Center wrapped up the summer season with an all day festival called Mindfest.

The event had indoor and outdoor activities for people to enjoy.

Some of the events included water rockets, boat races and fizzing side walk chalk.

Director of Visitor Experience  Mandi Ried says that the event provided fun for everyone that attended.

She tells us,  "this event is tons of fun and it's good for all ages. We've got a lot of activities that are open ended so you kind of do whatever you want, so a lot the kids are having a lot fun today and even adults. We've got a wood pile and they're making stuff out of the wood pile and adilts making stuff out of duct tape. So anybody can come. It's fun."

The summer ending event was for anyone with a curious or playful mind.

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