Memorial Hospital of Texas County CEO Resigns

- GUYMON -- The Memorial Hospital of Texas County (MHTC) is looking for a new interim CEO after the resignation of John Jones.

        Jones had been the interim CEO less than a year.

        He took the job last May after his predecessor, Lee Hughes, was fired.

        The Board of Control for MHTC held an emergency meeting Thursday night and spent much of the time in executive session.

        Jones' resignation was accepted, but the board did not appoint a new CEO.

        They're also reviewing the hospital's financial situation.

        Texas county has recently had to help the hospital with its bills.

        According to county commissioner Richard Bryan, the county has kicked-in $1.7 million to help keep them afloat.

        Bryan says the hospital board is also looking at an outside group to run the hospital.

        "We did have a meeting with a representative with Quorum Healthcare about the possibility of lease or management of the hospital.   And I think the chairman will be giving a briefing on what was said at that meeting ."  Bryan said.

        Baptist Saint Anthony's hospital, Northwest Texas Hospital, and Noble Health Services are also reportedly looking at a lease or management possibility.

        The CEO before Jones, Lee Hughes, was fired amid an investigation into possible open meetings violations and fraud.

        That case is handled by the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation. (OSBI)

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