Martha's Home Helps Panhandle Women

"I came to Martha's Home because I became homeless. My children are grown, and I kind of went into a dark spot in my life. So I called Connie several times and she said just bring what you can and we'll go from there," explains Chryssi Lacey, one of the residents at Martha's Home.

Martha's Home is a homeless shelter for mothers with children and single women, like Chryssi. 
Executive director, Connie Garcia, helps these women day in and day out. 

"They usually stay three to four months, and during that time we do a home and bed, clothes and food, but during that time we do life skills training, case management and we do life recovery courses and we try to link them up with education."

"I've been here for over a month. I got my drivers license back and my children are very close to me now," Chryssi says. 

The women receive mentorship from the home as well as the other women staying there."

"They come in and it's still a nice place, but it's still a homeless shelter and it's still frightening. I always tell them in a few days it's going to be like home, and they support each other in ways that I can't even relate. They connect with each other and help each other and that's very rewarding to see," explains Connie.  

"Coming here has been great for me and I get along great with the other ladies. It's like a home. It seriously is," states Chryssi. 

To continue its mission to help women in the area, Martha's Home hosts fundraisers like the Second Chance Prom.

"We not only put a roof over their heads but we help them with needed car repairs, ID's, birth certificates and the kinds of things you need for work," states Connie. 

"My favorite part about being here is that everyone works together," says Chryssi. 

Martha's Home Second Chance Prom: Roaring 20s
- March 29th 
- 7 to 11 p.m.
- $45
- Amarillo Civic Center

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