Many Take a Step Toward Finding a Cure for Cancer

Members of the community take a step toward finding a cure to a disease that kills more than 1,500 American's each day.

"I've decided i'd just like to be part of the research to find a cure for cancer."

Well, she's not the only one.

More than 70 people headed out Texas Tech Health Science Center to help save lives.

Jason McCoy from the American Cancer Society tells us how it works.

There's a survey to fill out and print off online, then you come to where the cancer prevention study is and take another survey.

Then you give blood, give a waist measurement, and then you're done.

McCoy says, "and so what we'll do is follow up with you with follow up questionnaires over the next 20 years just to see if theres been changes in your behaviors, lifestyles, things like that since your original questionnaire.  "

He says the community support is helping them reach their goal of 400 people in the Texas Panhandle.

McCoy says, "a lot of the people we've talked to have had cancer in their family.  They're coming here and participating in memory, or in honor of a loved one. They're fighting back in that way."
"Both my grandfather and my father had lung cancer.  It's a horrible disease.  It's horrible for the entire family.  It's something you never want to have to go through or watch somebody you love go through."

This is the third study done like this since the 1950's, and McCoy says there won't be another one for another 30 years.

The only guidelines to be a part of the study are you have to be in the age range from 30-65 and not have had cancer.

"I encourage people to come out and do what they can.  I think there's going to be other opportunities over the next month and i'd like to encourage others to do the same thing."

There are going to be other opportunities.

The next one will be on Sunday, September 22 at Saint Lawrence Catholic Church from 12-4p.m.

The third and final one will be October 12 at the Harrington Cancer Center.

McCoy tells us the nationwide goal is to get 300,000 people to enroll in the American Cancer Society Cancer Prevention Study.

If you're interested in being a part of the study, head over to cancerstudytx.Org

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