Many Local Businesses Support Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month, and many local businesses are showing their support all over town.

"It's nice that their acknowledging that, and supporting that, and trying to help the cause."

Several local retailers are pitching in to help raise awareness for breast cancer in our area.

All United Supermarkets will donate $1 to cancer research for every shopper wearing pink on Tuesdays through the end of the month.

But they aren't the only ones fighting for the cause.

Barista at Roasters Evan Chandler says, "we've also got our breast cancer awareness mugs.  If you get a 25 dollar gift card, we'll give the mug out to you for free."

Chandler tells us the community response has been strong.

Rudy's Barbecue is also showing their support with pink drink cups.

Guests can buy the cups, and that guarantees a $1 donation to the Young Survival Coalition.

It's an international non profit organization focusing on many women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

We asked some folks in our community if they're noticing all of the pink.

"I have, I mean between local businesses and just people wearing shirts."
"I've seen in it in many schools.  They'll do football games that support it.   Everyone will wear pink and they'll have pink out games.  I think it's great that many people are coming together to do that."

Burrito Stop is another local business supporting breast cancer awareness, by making pink burritos.

Chandler says, "it's really nice to be a part of something that represents something you know, that needs to be represented."

Breast cancer awareness also fills the newsroom and studio right here at KAMR and KCIT.

Every Friday the building is full of people wearing pink to show their support.

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