Lubbock DA Won't Enforce New Abortion Law Until Court Rules on Law

- LUBBOCK -- Certain parts of the new abortion restrictions were scheduled to go into effect next week. Often, area women get their abortions in Lubbock.

Lubbock District Attorney Matt Powell has agreed to not enforce new abortion restrictions set to begin October 29.

Powell is just one of nearly a dozen Texas DAs to agree to this.

In exchange, they'll be dropped from a federal lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood last month.

The lawsuit challenges provisions in the new law that require abortion providers to have admission privileges at local hospitals.

The DA's office says their decision was a practical one, not a political one. By agreeing to hold off on prosecution, Powell and other DAs named in the suit won't be subject to any legal fees or costs that might arise.

Powell says his personal feelings are strongly against abortion, and that he'll enforce the law if it's deemed constitutional.

Some Lubbock abortion opponents are disappointed by the DA's decision.

The DA's office says they don't anticipate this legal battle to quickly get sorted out.

Lubbock is the closest city with an abortion clinic.

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