LORD Company Will Develop Bell V-280 Valor

- CARY, Indiana  -- The Bell V-280 Valor will be developed by the LORD corporation, based out of Indiana.
It's Bell's third generation tiltrotor, the Bell V-280, according to John Garrison, president and CEO of Bell Helicopter.
LORD will be able to offer elastomeric components that was help to increase the agility of Bell V-280 tiltrotors.
The transformational features of Bell Helicopter's third generation tiltrotor represent the most operationally effective aircraft for the U.S. Armys Future Vertical Lift requirements.
The Bell V-280 Valor will offer commanders a combat maneuver platform with the unmatched operational agility to self-deploy and perform a multitude of vertical lift missions, and will have twice the speed and range of the U.S. Army's current fleet.

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