#OnlineToday - Tide Pod Donut

Tide Pod Donut

A donut chain used the latest social media stunt, called the Tide Pod challenge, to promote a new kind of donut.

The challenge involves people, mostly teenagers, eating the laundry capsules on video for others to see on social media.

Hurts Donut in Wichita joined in on the craze by selling the donut version of the laundry capsule.

It was a pretty popular decision according to some people who decided to test it out.

On a Facebook post by the donut shop announcing the Tide Pod donut, one person commented "this is uncalled for."

But, the owner assures people she is not encouraging people to eat the actual capsules.

The owner said they sold more than 50 of the Tide Pod donuts Wednesday, the only day they were selling them.

Chinese Rescue

Video now of a dramatic rescue in China.

A two year-old fell out of an apartment window and landed on a narrow ledge 30 feet off the ground.

People on the street heard the toddler fall and started yelling for help.

Then they heard the ledge, more of a canopy, cracking with the toddler's weight.

The man who runs the store directly below the window quickly ran to the apartment, but it was locked.

He got into the adjoining apartment and then moved to the window directly over the little girl.

Long tried to grab the girl but couldn't lean out of the window enough to get the girl.

Another shop owner came and helped save the toddler.

Turns out the little girl was left in the apartment alone.


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