Local Woman to Run Cross Country for Charity

AMARILLO -- An Amarillo woman is running from coast to coast and shes doing it for a good cause.

23-year-old Shelby Schnatz is running to raise awareness and support for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

She says she's doing the run all by herself to help benefit the people who are suffering from MD as well as their families.

Schnatz will begin her run in Atlantic City, New Jersey and finish in Newport Beach, California.

And although this run seems scary, she's not going to let fear get in her way.

She says the number one way she's mentally preparing herself is by spending time alone with just her thoughts.

Shelby Schnatz says, "I'm not even nervous. I'm very excited about it now. I've done all the work, I've been planning, I've been training. So I'm just ready for it to happen."

A few of the businesses that are sponsoring Schnatz are Amarillo National Bank, Spira Footwear and APS Custom Construction.

While running, Schnatz will also be pushing a stroller to carry her gear.

Shcnatz will begin her run August 17th and expects to finish around December or January.

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